How do we as women honor our cycles when the essence of modern life seems to be pulling us further and further away from a life that is in sync with when things naturally happen?  Electricity keeps us late into the night.  Cars allow us to move about without a sense of the land under our feet. Generally speaking, we can eat most foods any time of the year, even foods that never could grow in our own soil.  We are encouraged to work through our fatigue, and then tell ourselves that our fatigue, or later our illness, is meaningless.  Then modern medicine pulls the power of birth and death out from under us and we forget the mystery from which we came. 

Woman is nature- her health and well being is rooted in change--every day, every, week, every year brings the ebb and flow of the tide. She claims her health by learning to listen and attend to her patterns.

But most of us have grown up in a linear and mechanistic world.  We have defined ourselves based on a system that looks for one unchanging truth that fits all, and as a result have tried to “clean up” our messiness--our blood, our births, our aging. Instead of seeing them as places from which to glean our unique wisdom.

As women, we can look to these changes in our bodies and changes in the earth for clues as to how to conduct our sadhana--our practice.  Our bodies are our sadhana. We cannot put on a practice from the outside, but must source it from within. 

For Women, MENDING one’s deep health and well-being, is not about establishing or even looking for one “state” of health, but becoming established in the practice of listening to our nature.

Sweet Earth Wisdom offers Woman-centric Bodywork, Red Tent Gatherings, Full Spectrum Doula Services, Sexuality and Menstrual Coaching, and Rites of Passage for women in all phases of life to support emerging embodied

feminine wisdom.

Women’s Offerings


Mini Retreat & Massage

Includes herbal/nutritional/lifestyle consult for your cycle/body/spirit, mini restorative yoga & nourishing massage at your time of month or ANYTIME

The Red Thread Women’s Gatherings

A nourishing, sensual, and restful monthly dark moon gathering for women.

These gatherings are always by donation and ALL women are invited.  

Full Spectrum Doula

What is a Full  Spectrum Doula?  I support women not only in their birthing journey, but also during all passages of their reproductive & sexual lives.  This includes support for fertility , sexuality education and coaching, support during menarche & menopause, and  I even volunteer my support during the journey of ending a pregnancy.  I believe that each of these passages is sacred and interwoven, and  I provide emotional, physical, & spiritual sisterly and loving support and advocacy during these times.

Ceremony & Rites of Passage   

I help create sacred spaces and rituals for women to honor many of the sacred passages of our lives.  You gather your sisters, and I support you in every way to be held, seen, and loved on your sacred earth walk.  I listen for the deeper myths underneath your sacred transition stories, and then I help to create and facilitate a meaningful ritual to deepen and allow you to be truly seen in your experience. I have facilitated pre-wedding sister circles, red tents, menarche gatherings, blessing ways, menarche re’claiming ceremonies, and even supported one woman’s ritual marriage to her land. I also help support women to seed Red Tent spaces in their communities. I offer this kind of support in person or over the phone/skype.    Please inquire about upcoming Girls Coming of Age Circles.

“Elena has a gift in her work with women.  She is sensitive to the stages, cycles and the journey of the life of a woman and has the capacity to help others feel a deep connection with their own journey.   Elena leads yoga classes that are tailored to the cycles of each woman and it is deep, rich, spiritual, earthy, fluid work.  She is filling a niche that is greatly needed and appreciated.”

---Tory Capron

“I feel these workshops designed around women's fertility, moon, and life cycles are not only valuable, but vital in today's culture. I was raised to cover up my smell, hide my bleeding, and was not taught that bleeding is sacred. Elena introduces our cycles as not only sacred, but her wisdom allows her to gently encourage the women's circle to share their wisdom and misconceptions in a safe and open space.  I have kept powerful words stuck in my throat for so long, and this workshop has been important for me as I begin to find and use my voice. For the first time in my life I am beginning to consciously channel my feminine energy. “

---April Joseph

Story of the Buddha and the Goddess

by Rick Fields, re-told by Elena

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