The erotic as our Big Life

Energy is our birth rite.

It is the source of our being, of

who we are, and our vital connection to life FASHIONING life in

every moment.  Eros connects us to every other living breathing being on the planet. 

As domesticated primates, we spend much of our       lives disconnected from our bodies and disconnected from the natural world.  This has had a profound impact on our erotic & relational lives, and cultural lives.  For many people it can be a challenge to truly connect with and revel in the pleasure of our sensual & erotic selves and our intimate connections. 

We (Elena and her prime-mate, Victor Warring) are somatic educators, intimacy guides, and sexuality/relationship coaches who believe that the healthy Erotic belongs in all of our relationships, our workplaces, our communities, and our spirituality.  For as long as we have moved away from knowing ourselves through intimate relationship with the earth, equally as long have we tried to stifle and shame our connection to the wild parts of ourselves that don’t and never will fit into a box.

It is time to re-claim those parts. 

We have an interesting and unique style of work of un-domesticating relationship that interweaves experiential movement & dance, improvisation, bodywork, community building, conscious communication, eco-psychology, play, and straight-up Sex Education into the realm of supporting all kinds of relationships.  This work powerfully re-defines the erotic as the wild underbelly of ALL intimate, community, and ecological relationships, and our most basic relationship with self. 

Our programs are fun, enlightening, and in depth.  We offer everything from 2 hour workshops to whole week retreats, as well as coaching for couples and individuals.  In addition, our work can be tailor made to meet the needs of your particular venue and group.  Generally speaking, although our workshops/coaching are filled with juicy erotic content, there are varying levels of  explicit sexual activity or nudity as it is specifically agreed by a group, couple, or individual.

"These two are the real deal.......filled with heart, knowledge, integrity, safety, boundaries, yet ready to go to places few feel comfortable.   They make everyone in the room feel accepted, safe, comfortable, open, and curious.”

-Tory, workshop participant

Here are some of the specific workshops that we currently offer.

  1. Bullet Contact Improvisation for Couples

  2. Bullet Cuddle Jam

  3. Bullet Embodied Eroticism: Accessing the Animal

    Body for Living More Ecstatically

  1. Bullet Owning Your Erotic Body & Speaking Your       

    Erotic Truth

  1. Bullet Un-Domesticating Relationship

  2. Bullet Improvisation As Relationship Skill

  3. Bullet Coming of Age Sexuality Circles for Teens and Young Adults

  4. Bullet Cycling, Sexuality, and Turn On

  5. Bullet Dance Erotique: Ecstatic Dance Jam

  6. Bullet Relationship and The Community Matrix

  7. Bullet Sensual Massage Workshops

  8. Bullet Diving Beneath Language & Creating

    Embodied Relationship in Community

We have offered workshops at Center on the Edge, the Treehouse, and Bodywork Bistro in Boulder Colorado; Healing Spirits Massage School in Boulder, CO; SPAN Women’s Shelter in Boulder, CO; the Beyond the Bedroom Conference in Denver, CO; the Loving More Conference in Denver, CO; Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute in Basalt, CO; Coredination Movement Festival in Carbondale CO;  Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Rutledge Missouri; The Intentional Communities Conference at Twin Oaks Virginia; and at the Boulder Farmer’s Market; Love Revolution in Ashland, OR; The Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle, WA; The Village Building Convergence, The EcoSex Convergence, and Tryon Life EcoVillage in Portland, OR; Dance Connect Love in Berkley.

Sweet Earth Wisdom Healing Arts

SEWing the Sacred

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