Movement, sensation, and touch are our first languages--

the ones that are most universal-- akin to all of our human and non-human neighbors.  In learning to speak, listen, and trust in these languages again,

we can re-ENTWINE ourselves in the beautiful web of relationship.

        My style of bodywork is fluid, heart centered and intuitive.  Drawing on a number of modalities and my intuition, each session is unique and designed in the moment to meet your needs, spoken by you and felt by myself as a practitioner.  Sometimes, my work is very deep physically.  It can also be very subtle and energetic.

    It is always my intention to meet you as whole person and an integrated being, rather than separate parts.  Like that children’s song, "the knee bone is CONNECTED to the thigh bone".   I focus on the CONNECTION.  On a deeper level, this “connection” recognizes that everything that is expressing itself somatically is also expressing the truth of the heart, psyche, and spirit (and even community).  I make space for that in our session.       

It is my intention to create an environment that is as safe and comfortable for you as possible.  Please let me know how I might do that.  Any questions, concerns, or special needs are important and worth addressing.

Your session is for you. 

It is a time for attending to your needs, which will change from day to day and from session to session.  Sometimes a full body massage, in which the whole body is addressed, is appropriate.  Other times, you may want to have more attention paid to a specific area, to the exclusion of others.  Or one day a more energizing massage may be perfect, whereas another day, you might need a very slow and relaxing treatment. 

As we learn to listen to our bodies, we can better articulate our needs.  I encourage you to listen, even underneath the agenda of what you may “think” your body needs, to the actual voice that emerges through sensation, movement, and your gut intelligence.


Energy Exchange

1 hour(ish*) session:

$55-$65 Sliding Scale

1.5 hour(ish*) session:

$80-$90 Sliding Scale

Moontime Mini Retreat (2 hrs):

$90-$110 Includes mini yoga session & women’s health consult & tea & healthy treats

(Add $10-$20 for housecalls)

4 Handed Massage also Available.  Please inquire.

24 hour Cancellation Policy Honored

*since ultimately, healing happens in “bigger than” linear time, I like to leave an extra 15 minutes at the end of each session to honor the fluidity of what is needed. Please plan accordingly.

A note about Sliding Scale: 

    I strongly believe that healing the earth, ourselves, and one another ultimately will involve a very different beast of an economic system than the one we are living in right now.  This system will not be based on "haves" and "have-nots", or individually oriented wealth that mostly reeks havoc on communities, but on the inherent right of all beings to a healthy and peaceful life and the natural organic abundance of life.


    Because we are still trading "symbolic energy notes", I choose to always offer sliding scale and trades to allow my gifts to be accessible to anyone who seeks them and to create an invitation for exchange based on radical generosity and abundance.  Please ask, if you would like a session or to take a workshop and it is out of your means.  Please also consider paying on the higher end of the scale if it is in your means.  This supports those who cannot, and keeps everything in balance.

    I also take part in the Ashland Hours Bank. To learn more about it, visit this website.

“The massages I have had from Elena have been some of the best massages I have ever had.  Elena is totally present with you at all times, she is attentive to your needs and comfort level, and her hands feel like they truly know the human body.  Her flow was amazing and my muscles felt totally relaxed afterwards, not more sore like some massages I have had.  I left feeling very peaceful and appreciative!!”

--Melanie Lynns

Locations and Times
Sessions are held in a quiet private studio space 
very close to downtown Ashland, at 1341 Iowa 
Street (please walk through the gate on the left 
side of the house and proceed to the backyard 
studio with prayer flags). If you arrive early, feel 
free to sit on the sweet red swing outside of the studio space next to the gardens.  You are also invited to take extra time there after sessions before rushing back out into your day if the weather is nice.  Appointments are available in Ashland on Tuesday afternoons/evenings and Thursday afternoons. 

Sessions are also held at Three Sisters Midwifery in Jacksonville on Wednesday evenings and the Third Thursday of the month. 235 West Main Street, 2nd Floor.

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Four Handed Massage with Victor Warring (somatic therapist & coach). Experience the  bliss of two skilled therapists present with you and working with your body at the same time.